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THE FOTOSTUDIO creates superior corporate portraits and builds impressions at a glance. We present your competitive team at work, in the office, in meetings, with customers, and in any situation that deserves to be highlighted and encourages people to think positively about your business. At our studios we deliver more than photography. Thanks to visual-storytelling and high resolution images, we convey the atmosphere of your offices, the work environment, the essence of your craft and the outstanding quality of your company. We create visuals for websites, as well as picture narratives of your products for catalogs and brochures.
THE FOTOSTUDIO has more than twenty-five years of experience and boasts the latest innovative lenses and lights available on the market. That means the perfect result is absolutely guaranteed. Our mobile team uses the ultimate photographic equipment and is pleased  to travel to any destination. Reshape your corporate identity, now.

Our References
Rotschild Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Credit Suisse, Novartis, Heritage, Sandoz, Bär & Karrer, Zürich Versicherungen, Zingg Lamprecht, and many more.

Offers & Prices

Shooting on Location

We would be pleased to prepare a concrete offer for you. We look forward to your message.